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How to troubleshoot your brakes.


Knocking Noises

  1. Check Starter Bolts
  2. Check Flex Plate Bolts to make sure they are tight
  3. Check for cracks in the Flex Plate


  1. Bad Waterpump especially if it happens at high speed
  2. Worn fan clutch (if overheating at slow speeds) 
  3. Broken or missing fan shroud
  4. Clogged Radiator
  5. Use a 195 degree thermostat.   Don't use anything lower as you will get bad gas mileage.
  6. Air trapped in the upper radiator hose.   Disconnect and burp the system.

Clunking sound in front when braking

When applying the brakes or doing a front brake dive and you hear a clunk in the front of your Jeep XJ or MJ, check for the following:

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