How to calculate fuel mileage?

After installing a lift, larger tires, new gear ratios and adding more weight from armor or cages can affect your gas mileage.

  1. The mileage from your trip and guessing how many gallons based on the fuel gauge is not an accurate way.
  2. The fuel economy measurement from the center computer console on the 97 and up XJ Cherokee models can be off as well.

So how should you properly calculate MPG/fuel economy on your XJ?  

  1. Each time you fill up gas at the station, track your mileage and gallons added from the pump.
  2. Use our fuel economy calculator.

Fuel Economy Tracker Tool

  • Calculates Average MPG
  • Average gallons of gas used per month
  • Average cost of gas per month

How to use:​

  1. Downloading or make a copy of our Google Sheet template here
  2. Go to Form from the main menu -> click Go to Live Form
  3. Copy the URL and send it to your phone so you have a quick way to track the info at the pump
  4. Over time, the tracker will determine your average fuel economy,