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Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001: Advanced Performance Modifications (Performance How-To)

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most popular and rugged sport utility vehicles in history with nearly three million sold. While many have used the Cherokee for daily transportation, throngs of off-road enthusiasts have chosen the Cherokee for navigating over the toughest terrain, climbing rocks, trail riding, and much more. Although the Cherokee is wildly popular, these 1984-2001 unibody models have much room for improvement to become the best off-road vehicles.

Building the Cherokee into the toughest and most capable off-road 4x4 SUV requires the right build-up plan, the right combination of products, and appropriate modification. In Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001: Advanced Performance Modifications, the upgrade and modification of all major components are covered to provide a complete performance package for maximum off-road performance. It shows how to weld and gusset the frame in critical areas. It also reveals how to install frame stiffener panels and rocker panel replacements, which help minimize excessive chassis flex and promote improved handling. A three- and four-link suspension system delivers greater travel and better off-road performance. Suspension and frame modifications are necessary to run 35-inch and larger wheels. A comprehensive guide for installing mammoth off-road wheels and tires (31-, 33-, 35-, and 37-inchers), is provided. Installing Dana 44 and 60 and Ford 9-inch axles provide superior performance and durability. In addition, how to modify the Jeep inline-six cylinder engine for increased displacement and performance is revealed. All of these popular procedures are explained and illustrated in detail.

Dedicated off-roaders must substantially modify and upgrade the Cherokee so it's capable for rock crawling, mud running, and other extreme applications. These drivers must get maximum off-road performance out of their vehicles. All of the most popular and effective modifications, parts, and upgrades for a dedicated off-road Cherokee are covered.

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