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Mufflers for Cherokee XJ / Comanche MJ

Jeep Cherokee XJ Factory Muffler Specs:

Case Shape Oval
Inlet Diameter (in) 2.25 in.
Inlet Location Center
Inlet Quantity Single
Outlet Diameter (in) 2.25 in.
Outlet Location Offset
Outlet Quantity Single

Flowmaster Tips

  • Flowmaster - the higher the number, the quieter it is.
  • Since Flowmaster mufflers use sound energy cancellation technology, you don't have to worry about "packing material" deteriorating and getting louder after as little as a few months.
  • The interior case volume of the inside of a Flowmaster muffler is far superior to that of a "straight-pipe" or "straight-through" muffler design. Imagine filling a "straight-pipe" or "straight-through" muffler with water vs. filling a Flowmaster muffler with water. Which one do think would hold substantially more volume?
  • The deflector in a Flowmaster muffler acts as a one way check valve eliminating reversion back to the engine and creates a low pressure area to help scavenge the exhaust.
  • Flowmasters unique style of H-Chamber designs help control interior resonance inside the cab area of your vehicles. "Straight-through" muffler designs cannot.
  • Flowmasters use fully welded construction for added strength and durability to last even when installed on high horsepower engines.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Super 44 Extreme Off-road has diamond plate casing which is more ideal for crawlers to hold up to the abuse of rock-bashing.