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High-Performance Jeep Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide 1984-2001

High-Performance Jeep Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide 1984-2001 (S-A Design)


Eric Zappe

from Car Tech

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Editorial Review

Ready to turn your Jeep Cherokee XJ into a trail-worthy machine? Why not? With two available 4-wheel-drive systems, solid axles front and rear, and a torquey 4.0-liter straight 6, the Cherokee is a very capable machine, especially when it's modified the right way. This book isn't about cutting apart your Cherokee to build an over-the-top, off-road-only rock crawler (though you can take it there), and it isn't about building a jacked-up, chrome-covered show rig either. This book is about building a useful, capable Cherokee for mountains, the mud, the desert, the street, and everywhere in between. With the modifications explained on these pages, your Cherokee can take you and yours just about everywhere you want to go - and get you back safely. Author Eric Zappe explains how to upgrade your Cherokee's suspension, axles, differentials, engine, transfer case, wheels and tires, skid plates, and more, using aftermarket and salvage yard upgrades. Zappe even has special sections covering basic driving and recovery techniques, and a number of built-up Jeeps to give you ideas for your own Cherokee. Also included is a detailed account of a group of XJs making a run through the famous Rubicon trail.


Customer Reviews:

  • Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 Rating
  • AWESOME Rating
    A must-have for any Jeep owner. Plain and simple. Loaded with good info that other books miss.
  • Modifying your XJ for the trail? Read this first!! Rating
    This is a great book for information on modifying your XJ for trail use. Everything from a daily driver that sees a trail once every few months to the ultimate trail rig.
    Well written with lots of great color photos. Excellent parts source information. Parts vendors are identified throughout the book, so if you see something you like, you don't have to wonder "Where did he get that?".
    There are good exapmles of rigs from mild to wild!
    I would like to have seen a little information more in... more info
  • Great book for anyone thinking of modifying an XJ in any way Rating
    In one night of reading this book you can get more info on modifying your Cherokee than you could in months of reading online forums and webpages. This book is a great source of information on all kinds of XJ modifications and their pros and cons. For a beginning off-roader, it's a great resource to get a general understanding of the Cherokee and its features, as well as lots of specific information (including some step-by-step instuctions) on stock and modified parts.
    A must have for anyone who is... more info
  • jeep builders guide Rating
    very good book!!!! lots of tech info and pictures. real rigs to look at too!