Instrument Cluster / Gauge Troubleshooting

 Sporadic or Intermittent Gauge Behavior

  1. Remove Instrument Cluster
  2. Unplug the connector harness and clean with contact cleaner
  3. Re-Plug the connectors firmly

If your connector pins are corroded and unusable, buy a new connector (Part Number 05016261)

If only the Speedometer is intermittently maxing itself out:

  1. Vehicle Speed Sensor might be going out
  2. Wiring up to the PCM (ECU) has a short
    1. If using a K&N FIJK Air intake, make sure the cone filter hasnt rubbed against the 2nd middle ECU wiring harness causing exposure.
  3. Instrument Cluster pin corrosion as mentioned above

No Instrument Cluster power/lights, gauges not working at all

  1. Check instrument cluster ground wire on the firewall

Gauges working but no lights

  1. Clean or replace dimmer switch

Low or no Voltage

Possible causes :

  1. Bad alternator - have it tested.
  2. Bad voltage regulator in ecu - try different ecu or install an external regulator
  3. Poor battery connection or terminal corrosion