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How to find paint code on Jeep Cherokee XJ or MJ Comanche

The paint code for your vehicle can be found on the label.    There are various types of labels and they can all look different based on the vehicle type and year.

Label Location

All Models: Driver side door jamb, In front of radiator, or on firewall, under the driver seat
Cherokee:  In Front of radiator, on driver side firewall, or in drivers door
Comanche: Radiator Support
Commander: Inside Driver’s Door / jam
Compass: Driver side Door Jamb
Grand Cherokee: In Front of radiator, passenger side of firewall, driver side door jamb
Liberty: Driver side Door Jamb, in Front of radiator
Patriot: Driver side Door Jamb
Wagoneer: Radiator Support
Wrangler: Under the driver seat, drivers door, bottom deck

Label Appearance

They can look like any of the following Jeep labels:

Jeep Chrysler Vehicle Label

Look for PAINT or  PNT code under the barcode.

Jeep Paint Codes

Code Color
AY95DX8  Black        
AY95PR4  Poppy Red
AY95SW1  Stone White
AY97SG8  Forest Green Prl
AY97TCN  Deep Amethyst Prl
AY97TQ7  Gunmetal Prl
AY97VEA  Chili Pepper Red Prl
AY97WTD  Desert Sand Prl
 PCN      Deep Amethyst Prl
 PEA      Chili Pepper Red Prl
 PG8      Forest Green Prl
 PQ7      Gunmetal Prl
 PR4      Poppy Red
 PTD      Desert Sand Prl
 PW1  Stone White
 PX8  Black

Where to Buy Paint