Fuel Systems

84-86 were carburated chevy v6's
87-90 were renix fuel injection
91-01 were chrysler fuel injection

Fuel Gauge Issues

Fuel gauge showing opposite fuel levels

If your fuel tank is actually empty but the gauge shows as full and when you fill up your tank and it shows as empty, this means you picked up the wrong fuel sending unit.   

Renix and Chrysler fuel sending units are backwards or reversed to each other.   So if you have a 1991 or newer model and having this problem, chances are you installed a renix fuel sending unit and vice versa.

Fuel gauge intermittent or jumpy?

  1. Pull the instrument cluster and clean the contacts with 600 grit sand paper
  2. check wiring between pump and cluster
  3. Check/replace the sending unit on the fuel pump assembly.

Recommend always buying Bosch or Carter fuel pumps.   Airtex are cheap but you get what you pay for.

Fuel Tanks

How to increase Fuel Tank capacity by Marcus