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Here is some information on the brake specs and options available for the XJ/MJ

Rear Brakes

D35 - 10"x1.75" Brake shoes

D44 - 10"x2.5" Brake shoes

8.25 without ABS comes with drum brakes.   

You can upgrade the 8.25 drum brakes with a D35 disc brake setup.    In order to do this upgrade, you will need longer flange bolts and to dremel out the inner diameter of the brake backing plate to fit over the 8.25's 3" tube.     some use the KJ e-brake cables which are longer and don't require modification.

Part Numbers

Just starting this list.  Feel free to contribute

Item Part # Description
Brembo Rotors - XJ Front D30 W0133-1623655  
Black Magic Brake Pads    
Centric Premium calipers



Front Right Caliper

Front Left Caliper

Rear D35 Disc Brake Rotors

Bendix PRT1901

98 grand Cherokee
Rear D35 Brake Pads ACDelco 14D666CH Advantage Ceramic Rear Disc Brake Pad Set
Rear Caliper Guiding Bolts and Pins H5093/H5066A For 98 D35 Grand Cherokee Disc rear brake upgrade on Chrysler 8.25
KJ e-brake cables
for 8.25 to 98 D35 discs

If anyone has any corrections, please comment.