Alternator Comparison by "5-90"

  • At idle, alternators normally spin at 2400rpm
  • Engine RPM of 2K is usually where alternators are at maximum output
  • YJs and TJs have smaller alternators than XJs

pre-99 XJs

  • Used P&P field voltage connectors

99-01 XJ Alternator:

Part # 56041822AA
110 or 117 Amps


Description Part Number Current Output Regulator
Delco SI Alternator (84-86) 7273 78A @ 14VDC Internal
Delco SI Alternator (84-86) 7294 94A @ 14VDC Internal
Delco CS Alternator (87-90) 7902 100A @ 14VDC Internal
Delco CS Alternator (87-90) 7902-140A 140A @ 14VDC Internal
Nippondenso Alternator (91-01) 13341 90A @ 14VDC External in PCM
Nippondenso Alternator (91-01) 13341-130A 130A @ 14VDC External in PCM


Alternative Swaps


98 ZJ Alternator:  136 Amps

  • Requires clearancing the both stock XJ brackets
  • Has a larger pulley than the XJ and will need to swap with XJ pulley

02 Dodge Durango V8:  160 Amps

92-98 Durange V8 PN: AND0115:  136 Amps

  • Requires clearancing the brackets


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