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Long Arm Suspensions

Mfr Price Pros Cons
DirtBound - 3 Link 825.00
  • Rubber joints on the axle side - smoother ride
  • 4th link can be added
Rubber joints limit flex
IRO Rock-Link (3 Link) 829.99  

Troubleshooting your steering

Infamous Death Wobble

  1. Tires out of balance
  2. Improper tire pressure
  3. Worn tires or broken belts
  4. Bad Alignment
  5. Loose Trackbar bolts at frame or axle end
  6. Worn trackbar bushings
  7. Worn Tierod ends


  1. Loose or worn tie rod ends
  2. Bad alignment
  3. Loose trackbar
  4. Worn tires 
  5. Worn ball joints 

Pulsating steering wheel during turns

  1. Bad axle u-joints in front axle

Whining when turning 

  1. Low power steering fluid

Chevy S10 Steering Box

Some XJ owners swap out their steering boxes for a 2004 Chevy S10 steering box.

  1. Same fitment 
  2. Stronger

S10 vs Durango Box

  1. S10 uses bearings vs Bushings 
  2. S10 comes with an extra bearing
  3. S10 is supposedly stronger than the Durango box


Power Windows

Power Windows Not Working

  1. Check the fuses
  2. If only one window doesn't work, its likely the Window Motor that needs to be replaced.

Slow Power Windows

If your window takes forever to roll up, lubricate your window tracks.

XJ Window Parts List

  • 97 and up - 4 door

    • Driver Side front:

Steering pulls to the right on acceleration

  1. Check your tire pressure and make sure both sides are equal
  2. Check for loose leaf spring ubolts
  3. Check leaf spring bushings
  4. Check for loose steering components
  5. Check for broken leaf spring

Durango Steering Box for the XJ

There are two possible part numbers for the Durango Steering box. 

Airbag Clock Spring

Symptoms of a bad clock spring on a Jeep Cherokee (XJ):

  • Airbag light comes on
  • Horn doesn't work
  • Cruise Control doesn't work


Clunking sound in front when braking

When applying the brakes or doing a front brake dive and you hear a clunk in the front of your Jeep XJ or MJ, check for the following:

Armor and Protection

Roll Cage Options for the XJ

Full Kits

  1. T and J JeepSpeed Kit
    1. Pros
      1. Proven Strength for JeepSpeed and crawlers
    2. Cons
      1. Hard to order online
  2. D and C Extreme - 4 door Roll Cage kit - $479.99 + $115 Shipping
    1. Pros
      1. Affordable
      2. Good base
    2. Cons
      1. The front bars aren't tucked / invade the legroom


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