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Throttle Body Upgrades

So you want to squeeze as much horsepower and increase performance for your 4.0 in your XJ or MJ?   A bored throttle body is an easy upgrade to do just that.  

  • There are various sizes of bored throttle bodies ranging from 60mm all the way up to 68mm!  
  • HO 4.0Ls factory throttle bodys are 58mm.   Renix is 52mm.
  • The most commonly used size is the 62mm.   If your 4.0L is stroked, you may need something bigger than 62mm depending on your intake manifold bore.

Do It Yourself Links

How to Flat Tow an XJ or MJ

What is Flat Tow?

Means the vehicle wheels are all on the ground and connected via tow bar.   

What do I need to do?

Depending on your XJ Cherokee or MJ Comanche specs, the transmission and transfer case must be set correctly to avoid any damage to the drivetrain.

  • Automatic transmission should be in PARK.   
  • Manual Transmissions should use 2nd gear.
  • Transfer Case should be put in NEUTRAL.

Chrysler 8.25 Axle Information

All Chrysler 8.25 axles are c-clip.

91-96 XJ:  Chrysler 8.25 - 27 spline, 1.17" diameter shafts, 8.25" ring gear, 3" axle tube
97-01 XJ:  Chrysler 8.25 - 29 spline, 1.21" diameter shafts, 8.25" ring gear, 3" axle tube

Backcountry 4x4 Recovery Tools & Techniques DVD

Backcountry 4x4 Recovery Tools & TechniquesBackcountry 4x4 Recovery Tools & Techniques

We recommend picking up a copy of this DVD by Don Alexander.

1-ton Rod End Specs

CHEVY 1 TON Rod Ends

Dana 30 (D30) Axle Information

Available in both standard (low pinion) and reverse rotation (high pinion).

Ring Gear Diameter: 7.2
Ring Gear Bolts: (10) 3/8 x 24 RH
Cover Bolts: 10
Carrier Breaks: 3.54 / 3.73
Spline Count: 1.375 / 27
Float: Front
Semi-Float Type:
Pinion Support: False
Axle Lugs:  5x4.5

How much thread length is required for Tie Rod Ends?

So you just put on a lift and you aren't sure if its safe to extend the tie rod ends or track bar ends?   Or you need to piece together some steering where the tie rod or draglink are a little short?


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