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Torque Specifications

Here's a list of torque specs for the XJ.

Term Item
Engine A/C Compressor Bracket to Engine Bolts
Engine A/C Compressor Mounting Bolts
Engine A/C Low Pressure Service Valve Nut
Transmission Automatic Transmission Oil Pan Bolts
Transmission AW-4 Bellhousing - Reverse Torx Bolts
Axles Axle Stub Nut
Engine Camshaft Sprocket Bolt
Engine Crankshaft pulley-to-vibration damper bolts
Axles Differential Fill Plug
Engine Exhaust Manifold Bolts
Transmission Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolts
Transmission Flywheel to Torque Converter Bolts
Suspension Front Leaf Spring Bolt
Suspension Leaf Spring Bolt at Rear Shackle
Suspension Leaf Spring Frame Bolt
Suspension Lower Ball Joint Retaining Nut
Steering Lower Ball Joint Retaining Nut
Wheels Lug Nuts
Transmission Manual Transmission check/fill plug
Transmission Manual Transmission drain plug
Engine Oil Drain Plug
Engine Rear Main Bearing Cap Bolts
Suspension Shock Absorber Lower Nuts
Suspension Shock absorber upper nut
Engine Spark Plugs - Inline 4 and 6 cyl engine
Engine Spark Plugs - V6 engine only
Engine Throttle Body Mounting Nuts
Suspension Track bar bolt at axle end
Suspension Trackbar bolt at Frame bracket
Transfer Case Transfer Case Drain/Fill Plug
Suspension U-Bolts
Suspension UCA Bolt Nut at Axle End
Suspension UCA Bolt Nut at frame end
Axles Unit Bearing Hub Bolts
Suspension Upper Ball Joint Retaining Nut
Steering Upper Ball Joint Retaining Nut

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