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Troubleshooting No-Start Issues

 Most Common Reasons

  1. CPS
  2. Starter or Starter Solenoid
  3. Fuel Pump
  4. Distributor (up to 99 only)
  5. PCM / ECU

Runs Erratic under Load / Accelaration

  1. If backfires through intake, check for Clogged Fuel Pump
  2. If it pings and runs hot
    1. Check Timing (Advanced or Retarded Timing)
    2. Make sure the Distributor case bolt is tight.   You shouldnt be able to turn the whole distributor by hand

Common XJ Problems and Fixes

Step 1:   Read
Step 2:   Come back here when you are done.
Step 3:   If you can't find solutions to your issue, head over to

Books and Resources for XJ / MJ

 List of publications and critical resource links for your XJ or MJ


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